Venue Questions

Starting to plan one of the biggest days of your life ??? Listed below are important questions to be sure to ask when selecting your wedding venue. (Download a Copy: Venue Questions)

  1. Do you have a private bridal room?


  1. What color linens are included in the package? Are the table cloths floor length?


  1. Does it matter what time we start THE RECEPTION?


  1. Do you charge to cut or wrap my wedding cake?


  1. What is your menu preference: Buffet ~ Family Style ~ Platters ?


  1. Will the person I plan all my details with be there the day of the reception?


  1. Availability? Can I get in touch with someone after 4:00 PM? Weekends?


  1. What bar selections are included? Is the liquor for the bridal dance included?


  1. Are there “hidden fees” I should be aware of?


  1. If the reception starts at 4:00 PM and some guests arrive thirty minutes early, may they enter the reception room? Or, will my guests need to stand outside the reception room?