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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Date

Congratulations on your Engagement! At Capriotti’s Palazzo, we know what an exciting time it is as the wedding planning process begins!  Too many times that excitement gets diffused by all the stress and details that come along with planning for your big… Read More

Wedding Venues: The 1st Appointment!

www.capriottisinc.com “First Appointments” with wedding reception venues are so important! As I mentioned in our first blog post, not only do I plan weddings professionally at Capriotti’s, but I’m a soon-to-be-Bride planning my own wedding. This has certainly helped me in helping… Read More

Welcome to Our New Blog!!

www.capriottisinc.com Hi, I’m Cortney Zimmerman, Assistant Director of Events at Capriotti’s, where I’ve seen so many amazing Wedding Receptions!  Every day I get to help people plan the biggest day of their lives.  I get chills watching those dreams come true when… Read More