At Your Service…

You’ve chosen the date, the dress, the venue, the photographer, and the entertainment.  Now, its’ time to finalize all those little details.  One item not to be overlooked is the Culinary Serving Style for your Reception.  Choosing the Serving Style often raises a… Read More

Time is Ticking…

Your wedding day is almost here and suddenly you start to worry about whether the entertainment will be set up on time, does the photographer know your address, do the groomsmen know when to show up for the ceremony?  There are endless… Read More

The Perfect Gift

Struggling to think of the perfect gift for the bride and groom? Skip the registry and make your gift unique by customizing a gift basket that fits in with activities the bride and groom relish. Put together a themed basket with the… Read More

Here Comes The Bride…The June Bride!

The romance of being a June Bride is the dream of many young women.  Perhaps the awakening of summer with fragrant flowers and the strong possibility of beautiful weather on the wedding day are enticing as young couples begin their new life… Read More

Don't Panic When It Comes To The FOOD!

You’ve decided to have a party….Great! You’ve selected a date, sent out the invitations, chosen a menu, and now you have to order the food.  One of the most common questions we get at Capriotti’s from our customers is, “How much food do… Read More


Summer Time, Summer Time, Summer Time! Although it may not officially be summer, the long awaited warmer weather has finally arrived! With sunnier, warmer days comes the thought of parties in the great outdoors!  And what better time to start planning a… Read More

Cold Feet? Getting Over Wedding Day Jitters

I do….or, do I? Pre-Wedding Jitters are very common and most brides (and grooms) start to get worried if they are making the right decision! We are all familiar with the term “cold feet….a feeling of worry or doubt that is strong enough to… Read More