Have you seen our on-site Ceremony Venue – The Cappella? We have hosted many Weddings, Parties, and Cocktails Hours in this beautiful climate controlled building since we opened our doors just a few years ago.

Here’s a flashback video of when we began using this new building…Watch below as Bri takes a few minutes to talk about our first ceremony in the Cappella, along with the options for a receiving line on our spacious outdoor Patio with cocktail hour back in the Cappella.

Each week it is our pleasure to host Wedding Ceremonies, Cocktail Hours, and Parties!

Capriotti’s is pleased to offer the option of hosting both the Ceremony and Reception at our Venue. This Wedding Day convenience is perfect for both couples and their guests.  The Cappella is ideal not only for ensuring a dry onsite location on rainy days, but also a climate controlled venue for the sweltering days of summer.


Make your appointment today and share in Bri’s enthusiasm of all Capriotti’s has to offer. You can even take a moment to learn more about our newly designed Wedding Collections for the 2021 Wedding Season before arriving.  At Capriotti’s, we strive to “passionately perfect life’s celebrations” and would love to assist newly engaged couples as they begin their journey to their Wedding Celebration!


We are thrilled to unveil the new Capriotti’s Cappella! It will be the area’s only on-site building ideally situated for Wedding and Commitment Ceremonies. It will also be home to Cocktail Hours, Parties, Banquets and Celebrations.

Capriotti’s Wedding Venue is the place where dream weddings become treasured memories. It has been our privilege to share in some of the most magical moments in the lives of our clients and the families we serve.  Thank you for entrusting those beautiful moments to Tommy, Bobby, and the entire staff at Capriotti’s.

While looking forward to a new aspect of the Capriotti’s experience, events at the Cappella will be firmly rooted in our traditions of meticulous attention to detail, outstanding service, delicious home-cooked food, and events customized to your vision.

Thank you for being part of the Capriotti’s family; we look forward to serving the Hazleton, Pottsville, Jim Thorpe region for years to come!


Do you love having outdoor celebrations with family and friends, but dread having to spend the entire day at the hot, smoky grill? If you answered “yes and yes”, then Capriotti’s has the perfect solution! Capriotti’s Catering offers several Grilling Menu Options for your next gathering, plus our friendly Staff will do all the grilling! In addition to our delicious grilling options listed below, we’ve thrown in 7 handy tips we use when grilling for our customers!

  • Get it hot. Always remember to preheat your grill 15 to 20 minutes before you start cooking. If you’re cooking on high, the grill should be 400-450°F, 350-400°F for medium-high, 300-350°F for medium and 250-300°F for low heat. When the grill is heated correctly, the food will sear immediately when placed on the grill and keep the inside moist.
  • Keep it clean. After preheating the grill, use a long handled grill brush to clean off any residue or charred pieces left from previous grillings. And to make it easier for next time, scrape the grill as soon as you’re done grilling.
  • Oil the rack. To prevent food from sticking, oil the hot grill rack by holding a vegetable oil soaked paper towel with tongs and rubbing it over the rack. And remember, NEVER use cooking spray on a hot grill!
  • Food safety is always a top priority at Capriotti’s. Avoid cross contamination by using separate plates, cutting boards and utensils for raw and cooked foods. Remember to keep foods refrigerated while it’s marinating, and always throw out the extra marinade…don’t use it for basting.
  • Is it ready? All too often, you may be tempted to cut open the meat or chicken while it’s cooking to see if it’s done, resulting in all the juices escaping. The best way to know if it is fully cooked is to check the items internal temperature with an instant-read thermometer. Chicken should register 165°F, Steak at 145°F, Ground Beef should be well done at a minimum of 160°F and Pork at 145°F
  • Flare-ups happen. When fat drips onto the heat below, it catches fire and causes flames to char the outside of your food, while the inside is still raw. The best ways to reduce flare-ups are to select leaner cuts of meat, trim excess fat and remove the skin from your chicken. It’s also a good idea to keep a squirt bottle of water near the grill to douse any unexpected flare-ups.
  • Let it rest. To allow the juices to redistribute evenly, once all items have reached the recommended internal temperatures, place finished meats and chicken on a clean platter, tented with foil, for about 10 minutes to rest. Then, enjoy!

At Capriotti’s Catering we offer our Sizzlin Grillin Menu, our Picnic Menu and our Steak Grilling Menu with options to add on even more deliciously grilled items. So when you’re ready to throw that big party, invite the guests, sit back with a cold beverage and let Capriotti’s do the grilling!

Amidst all the items on your “Wedding To Do List”, choosing the wedding venue is always at the top of that list.  Where do you begin? Cortney and Bri, the Wedding Coordinators at Capriotti’s Palazzo in McAdoo, offer 5 helpful tips to selecting the wedding venue that is perfect for your style.

Tip #1 – Tour the Venue – Are you in awe of the wedding venue when you drive up or when you step inside the front doors?

Tip #2 – Be Flexible – (it’s not just meant for yoga class!).  Unless you are steadfast with a particular date, being flexible opens up more opportunities to host your wedding at the venue of your choice.

Tip #3 – Color Scheme – A neutral colored venue allows your wedding theme to pop!

Tip #4 – On Site Ceremonies – Will Mother Nature cooperate? Make sure the venue will be able to accommodate your outdoor wedding in a covered area or indoors in case of bad weather.

Tip #5 – The Food – Hot, Hot, Hot! Don’t settle for the venue that plates your dinners in advance and keeps it in a warmer…the food should be plated and served hot to each of your guests when your dinner hour begins.

With so many decisions to make, rely on our Wedding Coordinators at Capriotti’s to answer your wedding venue questions; and let us help you check off one of the items on that Wedding To Do List!


Choosing the Perfect Wedding Date

Congratulations on your Engagement! At Capriotti’s Palazzo, we know what an exciting time it is as the wedding planning process begins!  Too many times that excitement gets diffused by all the stress and details that come along with planning for your big day! But don’t worry, it’s easy to get started.  Just take a deep breath and get yourself organized. The best place to start is in choosing a date for your wedding. To select your perfect date, there are a few questions you may want to think about:

  1. Is there a specific date or month that is memorable to you and your fiancé?
  2. Is there a time of year or season you both prefer?
  3. Is there a specific local wedding venue where you would like to hold your wedding reception?

Many couples have found the best way to ease the anxiety of picking their date is to have some flexibility. Often they have a particular date in mind and get easily frustrated trying to coordinate that steadfast date with their ceremony and wedding reception venues. With flexibility, you open yourself up to:

  1. More options at the wedding reception venue you prefer
  2. Possible cost savings on choosing a Friday or Sunday with your venue, wedding vendors, and hotels
  3. Added incentives for booking on a Saturday during a less busy time of year

So relax and think about your options.  Make a list of what is extremely important to you and what areas you are more flexible with.  Do you prefer a spring or summer wedding or are you set on the month of May only? Does a Saturday work best or are you able to take advantage of Friday night wedding reception savings? Do you plan on honeymooning in the Caribbean and want to avoid the stormy months or take advantage of travel discounts during the off-season?  These are just a few of the questions you and your partner should talk about before actually choosing your wedding date.  Of course, Capriotti’s is always available to answer your wedding reception questions. And remember, no matter what day you choose, it will be the perfect date for your wedding!