Written by Bri John

Perhaps one of the first things a bride starts to consider once they’re engaged (if they don’t already know) is what color scheme am I going with? But with so many options, how does somebody simply choose just one color family for their wedding colors? 

Indeed it’s a big decision – it’s one I have pondered since I was only a little girl (and I’m not even engaged!) Additionally, it’s one of the most exciting details in my opinion about planning a wedding. Simultaneously, so many different directions to go without completely clashing – the flowers, the wedding colors, the lace, the sparkles! Do I even want sparkles? Sparkles are my thing, but are they too much? Rustic themes are so pretty and they’re SO in right now. Then for my flowers: Real or artificial? Basically, if I stick with real floral arrangements it is the traditional route… but they’ll be dead in a few days. 

Get Started…

Trust me I get it! We get it. That’s why we’re writing this. To begin, let’s circle back to a common theme in all of our blog posts: know your vision. However, if you don’t know exactly what that vision is, it’s okay! Trends change and tastes evolve.

Stay calm, grab a notebook and brainstorm. Write down a list of everything you like. And when I say everything, I mean everything. Furthermore, it’s okay if they don’t coincide with each other. This will help map out all of the ideas inside your brain and eventually start to eliminate ideas you aren’t exactly feeling. You might even be surprised at how mapping out your ideas could help you think of fun and unique ways to blend different themes and wedding colors, creating a personalized wedding ambiance that truly speaks to you and your fiancé

You can also check out this fun online quiz to help determine what wedding vision might suit you the best!

Did you know?

Here at Capriotti’s, we try to incorporate everything into our packages so that you have to use outside vendors as little as possible. Overall, we strive to help alleviate stress and provide you with an all-in-one experience. From the wedding cake, to your open bar, to your menu… we’ve got you covered! Each package includes a day of coordinator that will be alongside you to help you out with any of the nitty gritty details. Otherwise if you decide to choose a venue that might not include all of those things, Pinterest will be your best friend! (Don’t worry, we still LOVE Pinterest here at Capriotti’s too). 

When booking your date at Capriotti’s, we strive to make the planning process as stress free as possible. By scheduling multiple appointments ahead of time to ensure we meet crucial deadlines, you will be on track to executing the most perfect wedding day.

Mood Boards

Check out some of the mood boards we’ve created out of weddings that we have executed, offering visual aids for a variety of wedding color schemes. Sometimes, a little visualization is all you need to bring your dream wedding to life.”

Undoubtedly, it certainly is exciting to share some of the beautiful wedding mood boards we’ve created out of past weddings at Capriotti’s. Hopefully, these mood boards will not only inspire you but also bring a sense of excitement to the planning process. Lastly, here’s to a riveting wedding planning journey! Cheers!

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