Written by Bri John

When it comes to planning your wedding, money is no doubt a leading factor. When it comes time to plan your special day, it is important to create a wedding budget that will help you to include everything you want, but most importantly, everything you need without breaking the bank. 

Evidently, couples spend roughly anywhere from $30,000-$60,000 on a wedding with a guest count of 200 or more guests. Now of course, this varies based on a few factors: location being an important one. Check out this article on various expenses to consider when budgeting for your event that explains pricing breakdowns based on location. Some other details that may contribute to this price range might include the following:

  • Final headcount
  • Amenities included 
  • Decor
  • Outside vendors (photographer, videographer, DJ)
  • Catering cost
  • On-site ceremony VS. off-site
  • Additional upgrades

This brings us back to our key point that we always talk about here at Capriotti’s. KNOW YOUR VISION going into the planning process. Don’t know what that vision may be? Here’s a few questions to ask yourself when deciding what is important to you for your wedding day that will help you with setting up your wedding budget:

Big or small wedding?

Some couples have large families and having a space to accommodate a large group of people is important to them. Consequently, this is one of the biggest expenses when it comes to a wedding budget. The higher the headcount, the higher the pricing will most likely be. Conversely, some couples prefer to have a smaller guest list to celebrate their love and vows. They might prefer to have just those closest to them to create a more intimate, tight-knit celebration. It differs for everybody. Knowing the ideal size of your wedding will be a great starting point when it comes to the planning process.

What are your must haves?

For those outdoorsy couples, locating a venue that has outdoor accommodations available to you might be one of those must haves. For example: an outside bar/patio for guests to mingle; an outdoor ceremony site; or a scenic area for pictures to remember this special moment. For others, finding a venue that is available to accommodate your guest count comfortably indoors may be important. This would include having space for other activities such as on-site ceremony, dancing, photo booths, and a nice areas for taking pictures. Luckily for those reading this, Capriotti’s offers it all. Oftentimes, using different locations may be an upcharge, so it is necessary to know how important this detail is to you and your significant other. 

Private cocktail hour.

This is becoming more and more popular. Many couples love the idea of having a separate space for guests to mingle during cocktail hour before entering the main reception area where dinner and dancing will take place. Make sure if this is one of your must haves you do your research on your venue to ensure that they offer this feature. Capriotti’s offers a private cocktail hour in our Cappella (also available for ceremonies) which can accommodate roughly 200 guests during cocktail hour and helps to give guests a comfortable area to hang out and eat great food to kick off the night.

Bar package included?

Having an open bar at a wedding could also up your cost a pretty penny. To avoid getting bombarded with bar costs, try to find a venue that includes the bar package directly in with the per person pricing. This will save you not only money, but also time and stress. 


Undoubtedly, catering is another factor that is one of the most expensive details to consider when planning your wedding budget. Again, this is when your vision comes into play. What style are you looking for? Classy and traditional? BBQ style? Food trucks?  Here at Capriotti’s, we offer a variety of options to please your guests. Anywhere from a dip station during cocktail hour to various late night bites – we’ve got you covered! View our Wedding Collections.


How important is decor to you and your significant other? Perhaps you want to keep it simple, classy and elegant. Maybe you want to go all out with extravagant decor, floral arrangements and so on. It’s important to understand just how much decor matters to you, as you will most likely be responsible for setting up and breaking down any decor you choose to use at most venues.

If you do not want to be responsible for decorating, you may want to hire a decorator (if your venue does not already provide one). This is yet again, another one of those details that many people forget to consider when it comes time to budgeting for their wedding day. If a decorator is just not in your wedding budget, try finding venues that offer an all in one package. Here at Capriotti’s, we include not only set up and breakdown of decor in all of our wedding packages here on-site, but also real china, silverware, table linens, charger plates, open bar package and even your wedding cake! Click here to see what else Capriotti’s has to offer to help make your day perfect!

Moreover, these are just a few key details to keep in mind when discussing the wedding budget for your special day. Different costs could certainly add up over time, so it is important to first understand the items that you feel you need to have to execute the perfect wedding day for you. 

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