It seems that from generation to generation, weddings all followed so many of the same traditions from ceremony to reception.  In fact when I got married 25 years ago (wow 25 years…how can that be possible when I state my actual age as 39 to anyone who asks??!), I went with many of the traditions my mother and grandmother had followed.  Sure, I had all sorts of Bridal Magazines and the Yearly Newspaper Bridal Supplement for the “latest bridal trends”, but I didn’t have what the millennial couples have today…constant access to new trends, Pinterest, social media opinions and input, and the desire to make it the day they want, not the day everyone else thinks it should be! Hats (or veils) off to this new generation!

Couples today are looking to provide a quality experience for not only themselves but for their dearest friends and families who will attend their wedding. They have a very different approach to the wedding planning process.  The focus of the entire event (now starting from the engagement party to the Wedding Weekend) is based on sharing the things they love as a couple with their guests, including the food and drinks they enjoy to the entertainment and all the little details in between.

A recent survey revealed some of the top details that grab guests’ attention and some of the details that just go unnoticed!

Top Ceremony Details Guests are paying the most attention to:

  • Bride’s and Bridesmaids’ dresses
  • Bride’s entrance
  • Look on groom’s face when bride enters
  • Couple’s vows
  • Decor and setting of the ceremony 

Top Ceremony Details Guests are paying the least attention to:

  • Ceremony Readings
  • Recessional
  • Groom’s attire
  • Wedding programs
  • Other guests (people-watching)

Top Reception Details Guests are noticing:

  • Decor and Setting of Reception Location
  • Couple’s Entrance and First Dance
  • The Food
  • Bar or Specialty Drinks/Bars
  • Music and Entertainment (photo booths, magic mirrors, etc.)

Top Reception Details Guests value least:

  • Escort cards
  • Extra amenities (flip-flops, toiletries)
  • Favors
  • Bouquet or garter toss
  • Couple’s Grand Exit

The first impression Millennials want their guests to have may start with the engagement venue.  Dressing up, dancing and visiting new places are their top priorities. And interestingly enough, the main focus of the Reception now is the Food.  Back in the day, everyone expected the typical overcooked chicken or dry piece of meat smothered in gravy. Today’s couples are paying particular attention to the quality and presentation of their dinners, many of them having Tastings months in advance.  The Reception is becoming more of a dinner party type of feel with exceptional foods and specialty bars.

Speaking of the Reception, the Weddings Reception Venues come in all shapes and sizes, indoors or out, from traditional ballrooms that are now being custom decorated by couples to their tastes to old mansions, barns and ultra modern restaurants.  As a wedding venue, Capriotti’s focus is on listening to the style of wedding a couple wants and what their priorities are by getting creative with new ideas rather than suggesting all the usual traditional “wedding must-haves”.  Putting their time and budget on the items they are excited about will make for a much more meaningful day!

Although the list of important and least important details from surveyed guests may hold some value, the millennial couple is still pursuing the wedding they envision and are certainly not pressured into following such traditions as doing “the bridal money dance” at their reception that had been done for generations. As the decades have gone by, people do value tradition; but in my opinion, there is always time to create a new tradition or perhaps just a once and done fantastic feature!

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