Don’t Be Fooled By Imitators

While “Imitation is the highest form of Flattery” it isn’t always to the benefit of the consumer.  Everybody loves a bargain, but you have to know which offers are a great deal and which will leave you empty and disappointed. When it comes to bigger, more important purchases such as booking a wedding reception, you certainly don’t want to compromise your special event for inferior service!  Many times imitators will promote their product as the same or better than the original to gain the business only to disappoint. Take the venue’s reviews into consideration with a grain of salt…are the reviews legitimate?  More importantly, talk to people who have used the venue and ask them some questions:

  • Was the venue ready when they entered?  Were the tables set properly with matching silverware?
  • Were the linens clean with no spots or holes? Were the colors they wanted for their linens included in the package pricing or was it an additional charge?
  • Were salads served fresh or were they sitting on the tables when their guests arrived for the cocktail hour?
  • Was the food hot and served in a timely manner or did dinner service take too long and postpone the dancing time?
  • Was the food high quality and delicious or did they settle for low quality, unappealing food?
  • Were the portions adequate? If it was homestyle or buffet, were serving bowls kept filled?
  • Was the bar appropriately staffed and equipped with premium liquor?  Were there enough fully stocked bars and bartenders to accommodate the number of guests?
  • Was the venue clean and were the bathrooms attended to throughout the event?
  • Was there enough staff present for serving and clearing the tables?
  • Was the coffee served to their guests at their tables or did they have to walk across the room to get their own hot coffee?
  • Was there an Event Coordinator with them all day to make sure the reception flowed smoothly?
  • And, most importantly, would they recommend the venue to family and friends?

Imitation in all services and products is common and sometimes acceptable.  You may choose the “bargain item” for various reasons and be perfectly happy with it.  Bargain bags, detergents, or potato chips can easily be replaced if you are not satisfied.  However, choosing the “imitation” for your special event is something that can’t be re-done if it doesn’t turn out as you expected. As a catering company, Capriotti’s is often faced with imitation of our Menu’s, Fundraising Items, Promotions, and Wedding Reception packages.  Although we are flattered, it sometimes leads to confusion with potential customers.  Products by the same name or description may be perceived to be as delicious as ours or services may be perceived to be as professional; but, we often hear about customer’s dissatisfaction when being duped by the imitators .  We have created and updated our very own menus for over 25 years to ensure you always get the best we have to offer. Realistically, we can’t reach everyone personally, but we can let our reputation speak for itself! We welcome any questions about our products and processes and even offer our customers a tour of our clean and efficient kitchen! We look forward to seeing you at Capriotti’s!

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