It's Fundraiser Time

It’s that time of year again and sports teams, groups, and organizations are busy planning fundraisers.  If you are looking to raise money for your Group, check out the tips below on selecting and running a successful fundraiser.

Purpose – Does everyone know the purpose of the Fundraiser, besides raising money of course? Inform your participants how the money will be used.  Instead of saying we are raising money for the basketball team, direct your sellers to say, “we are raising money to get new uniforms for our team”.

The Chairperson & Committee – Choosing a chairperson and committee that are organized and dedicated to the cause is your best bet!  Don’t select the kind hearted person who is overwhelmed and involved in so many activities that they are only giving a small percentage to each cause.  To run a smooth and financially successful event, select a leader who will be the direct communicator with the fundraising company and has top notch organizational skills.

Fundraising Goal – Set a goal for each participant or your group as a whole. Base it on the number of items sold or a specific dollar amount; and set the goal high enough to push people to succeed, but not too lofty as to discourage sellers.  Have a friendly competition by organizing teams to encourage teamwork and push the participants to reach their goals.  You can even offer an incentive for those that achieve it.

Choosing a Fundraiser – How much time will your group have to spend showing items, gathering, submitting, picking up and delivering orders?  If the members of your group are pressed for time, as most are, choose a fundraiser that can be done over the phone, by text messages, or through social media.  You also need to think about the group that will be selling your items. If you are heading up a boys soccer team, the enthusiasm to sell candles may not be quite as strong as selling pizzas!

Profits – How profitable are the items? Some fundraisers offer a flat rate for dollar amount sold while other fundraisers offer a profit for each individual item, making some items better sellers and more profitable.

Ease of Ordering – Recommend that all sellers collect the money at time of ordering to eliminate being stuck with product.  If possible, set up an online ordering page. This streamlines the process for those who are computer savvy and prefer buying online.

Delivery- Will you have to pick up, sort, and distribute the fundraiser or is it delivered to you, pre-packaged? This is a detail you want to know ahead of time so you can make arrangements for the proper amount of help on delivery day.

Form a List – each member of your group should make a list of potential buyers.  Compile a list of family, friends, co-workers, businesses, and even exercise partners.  Think creatively!

So the bottom line is when you are ready to choose your Fundraiser, select one that is easy to sell with quality products.  At Capriotti’s, we offer our Food Fundraiser which includes a variety of our delicious products, delivered to your location.  The profits range from $1.00 to $6.00 per item, and you can sell as little or as much as you want.  If you would like more information on the Fundraiser at Capriotti’s, please contact us at 570-929-7200. Happy Fundraising!

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