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You’ve chosen the date, the dress, the venue, the photographer, and the entertainment.  Now, its’ time to finalize all those little details.  One item not to be overlooked is the Culinary Serving Style for your Reception.  Choosing the Serving Style often raises a few questions…how formal is your reception, who is on the guest list (are there elderly and small children), and what costs are involved with the different styles. The most common styles of serving dinner to your guests are Plated,  Homestyle, Station Setups and Buffet.  Many times, not only is there a difference in serving style but also in price, so consider your budget when choosing.

If you are planning a formal reception, a Plated Serving Style may be your best choice.  When choosing a Plated Dinner, giving your guests a Choice of Entrees should satisfy the palettes of any discerning guest. Once your guests are seated, salads are served, followed by a plate with the complete dinner, and then finally the dessert. Some venues may even offer “white glove” service in which the waiters and waitresses wear white gloves while serving your dinner for the ultimate in formal serving. 

For those couples who want to convey a “family gathering feel”, Homestyle, or sometimes referred to as Family Style serving, still allows your guests to remain seated at the table.  Dinner starts with a served salad and then platters of food are placed on the table for people to share around the table with one another.  Even though this is a more casual form of serving, your guests will feel “at home” while enjoying their meal.  And don’t worry about not having enough food.  As the bowls are emptied, the servers will replenish, ensuring plenty for your guests.  When the meal is finished, dessert is served to each of your seated guests.

“Station” buffets offer a unique style for weddings.  Stations may be setup during the cocktail hour to enhance the hors d’oeuvres selections.  Offering a “Chef Attended Carving Station” with Roasted Tenderloin of Beef with petit rolls will surely be enjoyed!  The “stations” also can offer a great dinner setup to include a “Chef Attended” Hand Carved Meat and Pasta Station.  The Main Station may offer a variety of food to include fish, chicken, beef, with accompaniments of potatoes and vegetables.  Sweet endings of specialty desserts with coffee and tea will be the finale to a great dinner!

Another type of serving style which is not as common for weddings is Buffet Style.   This style is often typical for a banquet type of event rather than a wedding, but does offer a variety of food choices for your guests.  People are customarily formally dressed for a wedding and walking from a buffet line with a plate of food is sometimes difficult in those great looking high heels!  Elderly guests or children may also find it cumbersome to walk with their food from the buffet line.  Taking your guest list into consideration is recommended when choosing Buffet Style.

Service styles play an important role in the success of a catered reception.  In the end, the option you choose will be perfect for your Wedding when working with an experienced caterer.  At Capriotti’s, no matter what your budget or theme, we make every dinner option and style of service exceptional for the Wedding couple.  We include a variety of complimentary services with options for upgraded amenities, such as Cocktail Entrance Greetings, Carving Stations, and Dessert Stations.  Learn more about the Wedding Reception packages  offered at Capriotti’s where we are dedicated to Passionately Perfecting Life’s Celebrations!

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