Time is Ticking…

Your wedding day is almost here and suddenly you start to worry about whether the entertainment will be set up on time, does the photographer know your address, do the groomsmen know when to show up for the ceremony?  There are endless questions that will be going around and around in your head! How will it all come together in so little time? 

As the week of your wedding arrives, it is likely that all of the arrangements have been made and it’s just down to a few last minute items.  However, it’s human nature to second guess ourselves and let our nerves get the best of us as the event draws closer.  Don’t let your anxiety overwhelm you and ruin this exciting week!

To keep calm as the time is ticking away, create a checklist for yourself that you can review a few days before the wedding.  Share the appropriate portions with your Maid of Honor and Best Man and ask for their help in communicating with the bridal party.  Here are a few items that should be included on your list.

Vendor Checklist:

  • Hair Dresser and Make Up – check in with your hairdresser and confirm your appointment time and double check that she will have enough staff on hand to get you and your bridal party on your way in a timely fashion.
  • Photographer/Videographer – confirm address and the time they will be arriving at your home.  Ensure they know the ceremony location and time as well as reception information.  Your photographer should already have a list of the photo’s you would like specifically taken, but now would be the time to add in any last minute ideas.
  • Limo Driver – verify the address and time they will be arriving at your home.  Double check that the driver knows the ceremony and reception locations.
  • Shuttles – if you are using shuttles to transport guests, confirm the pick up and drop off locations and times with the shuttle company.  Confirm the end of reception pick up times.  You don’t want any of your guests to miss their shuttle and have to come back with you to the Honeymoon Suite!
  • Cake Delivery – if your cake is not baked on-site, confirm reception location and drop off time with your baker.
  • DJ or Band – review the set up time and the time you expect your guests to arrive so there is background music playing as they enter the reception.
  • Reception Location – review your Wedding Day Timeline with the Event Coordinator and ask any last minute questions.

Bridal Party Checklist (to be given to the Maid of Honor and Best Man).  Realistically, it will probably be your Maid of Honor who covers all these details, but we’ll include the best man just in case!  Have the MOH set up a group text with all the bridal party members.  This way, if you have any last minute reminders or changes to get out to your bridal party, she can quickly handle that for you!

  • Bridesmaid Final Fittings – Has everyone had their final fitting, picked up their dress, shoes and any other coordinating accessories?
  • Tuxedo Pick Up – Have all the groomsmen tried on and picked up their tuxedo?
  • Ceremony Rehearsal Time and Rehearsal Dinner – Confirm the time and location with all bridal party members and get your final count for the dinner.
  • Hair Dresser – Check with your bridesmaids to make sure they know the time and location of their hair/makeup appointment.  If you have any bridesmaids who always show up “fashionably late”, adjust the arrival time to 15 -20 minutes earlier than the actual scheduled appointment.
  • House – What time should your bridal party arrive for pre-ceremony pictures?
  • Speeches – Are the Maid of Honor and Best Man prepared?  It is probably best to give them a time limit for their speeches so your teary eyed MOH doesn’t go on and on about every year she has known you since preschool.  That emotional moment should be shared between the two of you the week of the wedding, not in front of your hungry guests! On another note, a gentle reminder to the best man about his speech may keep him from elaborating about any embarrassing escapades before you were a couple.  Sometimes that drink or two they may have had beforehand to calm their nerves makes them a little too comfortable with the microphone!

If you are dealing with a reputable and experienced Reception Venue such as Capriotti’s Palazzo, than you are in good hands with our Wedding Coordinator.  Although this may be the first go-round for you and your groom, our coordinator has years of experience in pulling off a perfect event.  The final meeting with her will assure you that the biggest part of your day is well under control. Once you arrive at your reception, it will be time for you to relax, be the center of attention, and have a fantastic time! 

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