Here Comes The Bride…The June Bride!

The romance of being a June Bride is the dream of many young women.  Perhaps the awakening of summer with fragrant flowers and the strong possibility of beautiful weather on the wedding day are enticing as young couples begin their new life together; not to mention it’s a fantastic way to start your summer! Even more appealing is the outdoor decor mother nature provides….green trees, blooming flowers, and sunshine. It seems like love is in the air!  The modern day romance of a June wedding has been a tradition for decades. But that tradition actually began centuries ago and may not be as romantic as you may have thought!

The allure of a June wedding actually dates back to Roman times. Juno is the goddess of marriage and childbirth and protector of women.  The month of June was named after her; so, in turn, June became the perfect month for marriage.  Couples who married in June would be blessed with prosperity and happiness.  But somewhere along the way, being a June Bride took on a more practical meaning.  During medieval times, the “annual” bath fell in May so the June brides still smelled relatively fresh, as well as all the guests! What better time to get married!  In Victorian times, another tradition was added with the carrying of bouquets.  Since flowers are abundant in June, they were used for wedding decor and for bouquets so the scent of the flowers masked body odor…not so romantic, but very thoughtful!  Another practical consideration for June weddings in earlier times was focused around conception.  If you conceived in June, you would still be able to work the harvest in the fall, give birth, and be ready for the next harvest the following year!

So you may be wondering why the month of May wasn’t chosen, especially since the “annual bath” took place in May! Well, ancient tradition says it would be unlucky to marry in May since that month was dedicated to the Feast of the Dead. Thankfully, ancient traditions have subsided and in our modern day, May is now almost as popular as June for Weddings and just as lucky!

In today’s economy, it is also practical to pick June.  The cost of flowers drops as they come into season, adding a cost savings for the bride and groom.  With school out in June, it also makes it easier for guests to attend June weddings before they begin summer vacationing in July.  If you are planning a destination wedding, summer months are typically low season making it less expensive for you and your guests!  Based on weather and hurricane season, June is suggested as the best summer month for island destination weddings.  Practical is good, but romance is better!

Fortunately, as time went on, the tradition of a June Wedding turned back to romance.  Despite some of the unromantic traditions and practical reasons, the romance of being a June Bride far outshines the medieval times. In 1948, the movie “June Bride” and the musical “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” in 1954 reinforced the tradition of the June Bride.  The song, “June Bride” says, “Oh, they say when you marry in June you’re a bride all your life, and the bridegroom who marries in June gets a sweetheart for a wife.”  What better reason to be a June Bride!

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